1,000 Gold Pieces3,872 OrcsAll Roads Lead to Rome
AmazonAncientAngry Cat
Another ZombieAquilonian CrossbowAsmodeus
Axes of EvilBabyBad-Ass Bandana
Banana FuBarbarianBibliophobia
BigfootBlindersBoil an Anthill
BoomdaggerBoots Of Running Really FastBoots of Butt-Kicking
BossBow of Grossly Unbalanced CombatBowling Pin
Bribe GM with FoodBritishBritish (Accent)
British (Loyalty)British (disambiguation)Buckler Of Swashing
Budget ArmorBudget Armor (The Narrow S Cape Set)Budget Armor (The Need for Steed Set)
Budget Armor (disambiguation)Budget HQBullrog
Buy the GM New MiniaturesCanteen of SpleenCape
Cape (Bites Set)Cape (Super Set)Cape (disambiguation)
Card GakiCheat!Chicken Steed
Christmas TreeClericCloak of Obscurity
Congress in SessionContinuity ErrorContinuity Error (Super Set)
Continuity Error (The Clown Wars Set)Continuity Error (disambiguation)Convenient Addition Error
Cosmic UnderstandingCotion of PonfusionCrabs
Crom Wills ItCrypts of InnsmouthCultist
Curse! Change ClassCurse! Change RaceCurse! Change Sex
Curse! Duck of DoomCurse! Income TaxCurse! Lose 1 Small Item
Curse! Lose a Big ItemCurse! Lose a LevelCurse! Lose the Headgear You Are Wearing
CyberdeckDagger of TreacheryDazer
DeathDeep Cover AssignmentDirect-To-Video Sequel
DirkDiscover a New Life FormDivine Intervention
DopplegangerDuck of DoomEldritch Cleaver
Electric Radioactive Acid PotionElfEliminate the Sentry
EnragedEnvenomedFake Ears
Fanged RingFind the Secret DoorFire Hydrant
Fire Hydrant (Pants Macabre Set)Fire Hydrant (Zombies Set)Fire Hydrant (disambiguation)
Floating NoseFold, Spindle, and MutilateFoot Mounted Mace
Freezing Explosive PotionFreindship PotionFriendship Potion
GalleonGas MaskGentlemen's Club
Glass BottomGnome HirelingGo Up A Level
Gold BarsGreat CthulhooGreat Cthulhu
Great Cthulhu (Apocalypse Set)Great Cthulhu (Cthulhu Set)Great Cthulhu (Star Set)
Great Cthulhu (disambiguation)Grue SomeGullible New GM
Half Horse, Will TravelHalloweenHammer Of Kneecapping
Hang Out with ConanHealthy SnackHelm of Courage
HirelingHoardHoliday Spirits
Hong Kong CongHumongousInstant Wall
Invisibility PotionItching PowderItems
Judge Roy BeanK'horn-RozeKali
Killer JalapenoKing TutKneepads of Allure
Knife TrainingKrampusLame Goblin
Laughing GasLaughing Gas (Apocalypse Set)Laughing Gas (Impossible Set)
Laughing Gas (disambiguation)Leather ArmorLevel
LoggothLoot Your Own TempleLoot the Treasure of Kuthchemes
Magic LampMeals on WheelsMind-Shattering Carvings
Monstrous BatsMovie DealMunchkin
Munchkin 2: Unnatural AxeMunchkin Axe CopMunchkin Legends
Munchkin PathfinderMunchkin SammlerkofferMunchkin Wiki
MutantMutant (Class)Mutant (Race)
Mutant (disambiguation)NinjaNinja (Class)
Ninja (Zombies Set)Ninja (disambiguation)Noble
North PoleOttoPeople of the Dark
Pep Talk from Your AvatarPlague ZombiePlanned Obsolescence
Plutonium DragonPoisonberry SyrupPotion Of Flight
Potion of General StudlinessPotion of HalitosisPotted Plant
Proper NutritionRapier of UnfairnessRedneck Tree
Reindeer HatRescue the SacrificeRocks Fall, Everyone Dies
Safe HouseSalaadSand Dollars
SantaSearch the Depths for KnowledgeSex-Change Potion
ShadeShade (undead)Shoot the Piano Player
Shore LeaveShort Wide ArmorSinging & Dancing Sword
Sleep PotionSmartSmart (GBM Set)
Smart (Zombies Set)Smart (disambiguation)Software Glitch
Sole SurvivorSole Survivor (Conan Set)Sole Survivor (Cthulhu Set)
Sole Survivor (disambiguation)Spandex ChainmailSpanish
SparklerSparkly Good FairySpiky Knees
Splice the ForecastleStealthyStealthy (The Need for Steed Set)
Stealthy (Zombies Set)Stealthy (disambiguation)Stoned Golem
Stubbed ToeSuper MunchkinSwallow the Leader
Swing from the RiggingSwiss Army PolearmThe Annual Bath
The Dungeon CasinoThe FleshreaperThe Old Mine Shaft
Thicker IchorThreaten to Switch SystemsTransferral Potion
Trigger Volcano Beneath Enemy TownTuba of CharmTuranian Helm
Ultra VioletUmbrellaUmbrella (Impossible Set)
Umbrella (Zombies Set)Umbrella (disambiguation)Undead
Underwear on the OutsideUndo Top ButtonUnicorn Steed
Unnecessary RoughnessUpload Shakycam VideoVanity Plates
Visit the Blood BankVisit the MuseumVisited By Future Self
Voodoo ZombieWandering MonsterWannabe Vampire
Warranty ExpiresWash the GM's CarWhat is Best in Life Leveling Up
Whine at the GMWight BrothersWishing Ring
WizardWork Out in Danger RoomWork to Get a Head
Wreck the TavernWrite Your Character's Life StoryXmas Lights
Yay DecayYee-HAWYothga
Yuetshi KnifeYuppie WaterZombie Bureaucrat
Zombie Shark
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