1,000 Gold Pieces3,872 OrcsAll Roads Lead to Rome
Angry CatAnother ZombieAquilonian Crossbow
AsmodeusAxes of EvilBaby
Bad-Ass BandanaBanana FuBarbarian
Boil an AnthillBoomdaggerBoots Of Running Really Fast
Boots of Butt-KickingBossBow of Grossly Unbalanced Combat
Bowling PinBribe GM with FoodBritish
British (Accent)British (Loyalty)British (disambiguation)
Buckler Of SwashingBudget ArmorBudget Armor (The Narrow S Cape Set)
Budget Armor (The Need for Steed Set)Budget Armor (disambiguation)Budget HQ
BullrogBuy the GM New MiniaturesCanteen of Spleen
CapeCape (Bites Set)Cape (Super Set)
Cape (disambiguation)Card GakiCheat!
Chicken SteedChristmas TreeClass
ClericCloak of ObscurityCongress in Session
Continuity ErrorContinuity Error (Super Set)Continuity Error (The Clown Wars Set)
Continuity Error (disambiguation)Convenient Addition ErrorCosmic Understanding
Cotion of PonfusionCrabsCrom Wills It
Crypts of InnsmouthCultistCurse! Change Class
Curse! Change RaceCurse! Change SexCurse! Duck of Doom
Curse! Income TaxCurse! Lose 1 Small ItemCurse! Lose a Big Item
Curse! Lose a LevelCurse! Lose the Headgear You Are WearingCyberdeck
Dagger of TreacheryDazerDeath
Deep Cover AssignmentDirect-To-Video SequelDirk
Discover a New Life FormDivine InterventionDoppleganger
Duck of DoomEldritch CleaverElectric Radioactive Acid Potion
ElfEliminate the SentryEnraged
EnvenomedFake EarsFanged Ring
Find the Secret DoorFire HydrantFire Hydrant (Pants Macabre Set)
Fire Hydrant (Zombies Set)Fire Hydrant (disambiguation)Floating Nose
Fold, Spindle, and MutilateFoot Mounted MaceFreezing Explosive Potion
Freindship PotionFriendship PotionGalleon
Gas MaskGentlemen's ClubGlass Bottom
Gnome HirelingGo Up A LevelGold Bars
Great CthulhooGreat CthulhuGreat Cthulhu (Apocalypse Set)
Great Cthulhu (Cthulhu Set)Great Cthulhu (Star Set)Great Cthulhu (disambiguation)
Grue SomeGullible New GMHalf Horse, Will Travel
HalloweenHammer Of KneecappingHang Out with Conan
Harmless-Looking SchoolgirlHealthy SnackHelm of Courage
HirelingHoardHoliday Spirits
Hong Kong CongHumongousInstant Wall
Invisibility PotionItching PowderItems
Judge Roy BeanK'horn-RozeKali
Killer JalapenoKing TutKneepads of Allure
Knife TrainingKrampusLame Goblin
Laughing GasLaughing Gas (Apocalypse Set)Laughing Gas (Impossible Set)
Laughing Gas (disambiguation)Leather ArmorLevel
LoggothLoot Your Own TempleLoot the Treasure of Kuthchemes
Magic LampMeals on WheelsMind-Shattering Carvings
MonstersMonstrous BatsMount
Movie DealMunchkinMunchkin 2: Unnatural Axe
Munchkin Axe CopMunchkin LegendsMunchkin Pathfinder
Munchkin SammlerkofferMunchkin WikiMunchkinomicon
Mutant (Class)Mutant (Race)Mutant (disambiguation)
NinjaNinja (Class)Ninja (Zombies Set)
Ninja (disambiguation)NobleNorth Pole
OttoPeople of the DarkPep Talk from Your Avatar
Plague ZombiePlanned ObsolescencePlutonium Dragon
Poisonberry SyrupPotion Of FlightPotion of General Studliness
Potion of HalitosisPotted PlantProper Nutrition
RaceRapier of UnfairnessRedneck Tree
Reindeer HatRescue the SacrificeRide
Rocks Fall, Everyone DiesSafe HouseSalaad
Sand DollarsSantaSearch the Depths for Knowledge
Sex-Change PotionShadeShade (undead)
Shoot the Piano PlayerShore LeaveShort Wide Armor
Singing & Dancing SwordSleep PotionSmart
Smart (GBM Set)Smart (Zombies Set)Smart (disambiguation)
Software GlitchSole SurvivorSole Survivor (Conan Set)
Sole Survivor (Cthulhu Set)Sole Survivor (disambiguation)Spandex Chainmail
SpanishSparklerSparkly Good Fairy
Spiky KneesSplice the ForecastleStealthy
Stealthy (The Need for Steed Set)Stealthy (Zombies Set)Stealthy (disambiguation)
SteedStoned GolemStubbed Toe
Super MunchkinSwallow the LeaderSwing from the Rigging
Swiss Army PolearmThe Annual BathThe Dungeon Casino
The FleshreaperThe Old Mine ShaftThicker Ichor
Threaten to Switch SystemsTransferral PotionTrigger Volcano Beneath Enemy Town
Tuba of CharmTuranian HelmUltra Violet
UmbrellaUmbrella (Impossible Set)Umbrella (Zombies Set)
Umbrella (disambiguation)UndeadUnderwear on the Outside
Undo Top ButtonUnicorn SteedUnnecessary Roughness
Upload Shakycam VideoVanity PlatesVisit the Blood Bank
Visit the MuseumVisited By Future SelfVoodoo Zombie
Wandering MonsterWannabe VampireWarranty Expires
Wash the GM's CarWhat is Best in Life Leveling UpWhine at the GM
Wight BrothersWishing RingWizard
Work Out in Danger RoomWork to Get a HeadWreck the Tavern
Write Your Character's Life StoryXmas LightsYay Decay
Yee-HAWYothgaYuetshi Knife
Yuppie WaterZombie BureaucratZombie Shark
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