1,000 Gold Pieces3,872 OrcsAll Roads Lead to Rome
AmazonAngry CatAnother Zombie
Aquilonian CrossbowAsmodeusAxes of Evil
Banana FuBarbarianBibliophobia
BlindersBoil an AnthillBoots of Butt-Kicking
BossBow of Grossly Unbalanced CombatBowling Pin
Bribe GM with FoodBritishBritish (Accent)
British (Loyalty)British (disambiguation)Budget Armor
Budget Armor (The Narrow S Cape Set)Budget Armor (The Need for Steed Set)Budget Armor (disambiguation)
Budget HQBullrogBuy the GM New Miniatures
Canteen of SpleenCapeCape (Bites Set)
Cape (Super Set)Cape (disambiguation)Card Gaki
Chicken SteedChristmas TreeCongress in Session
Continuity ErrorContinuity Error (Super Set)Continuity Error (The Clown Wars Set)
Continuity Error (disambiguation)Convenient Addition ErrorCosmic Understanding
Cotion of PonfusionCrom Wills ItCrypts of Innsmouth
CultistCurse! Duck of DoomCyberdeck
Dagger of TreacheryDazerDeath
Deep Cover AssignmentDirect-To-Video SequelDirk
Discover a New Life FormDopplegangerDuck of Doom
Eldritch CleaverElectric Radioactive Acid PotionElf
Eliminate the SentryEnvenomedFake Ears
Fanged RingFind the Secret DoorFire Hydrant
Fire Hydrant (Pants Macabre Set)Fire Hydrant (Zombies Set)Fire Hydrant (disambiguation)
Fold, Spindle, and MutilateFoot Mounted MaceFreezing Explosive Potion
Freindship PotionFriendship PotionGalleon
Gas MaskGentlemen's ClubGlass Bottom
Gnome HirelingGo Up A LevelGold Bars
Great CthulhooGreat CthulhuGreat Cthulhu (Apocalypse Set)
Great Cthulhu (Cthulhu Set)Great Cthulhu (Star Set)Great Cthulhu (disambiguation)
Grue SomeGullible New GMHalf Horse, Will Travel
HalloweenHang Out with ConanHealthy Snack
Helm of CourageHirelingHoliday Spirits
Hong Kong CongInstant WallInvisibility Potion
Itching PowderItemsJudge Roy Bean
K'horn-RozeKaliKiller Jalapeno
King TutKneepads of AllureKnife Training
KrampusLame GoblinLaughing Gas
Laughing Gas (Apocalypse Set)Laughing Gas (Impossible Set)Laughing Gas (disambiguation)
Leather ArmorLevelLoggoth
Loot Your Own TempleLoot the Treasure of KuthchemesMeals on Wheels
Mind-Shattering CarvingsMonstrous BatsMovie Deal
MunchkinMunchkin Axe CopMunchkin Legends
Munchkin PathfinderMunchkin SammlerkofferMunchkin Wiki
MutantMutant (Class)Mutant (Race)
Mutant (disambiguation)NinjaNinja (Class)
Ninja (Zombies Set)Ninja (disambiguation)Noble
North PoleOttoPeople of the Dark
Pep Talk from Your AvatarPlague ZombiePlanned Obsolescence
Plutonium DragonPoisonberry SyrupPotion of General Studliness
Potion of HalitosisPotted PlantProper Nutrition
Rapier of UnfairnessRedneck TreeReindeer Hat
Rescue the SacrificeRocks Fall, Everyone DiesSafe House
SalaadSand DollarsSanta
Search the Depths for KnowledgeSex-Change PotionShade
Shade (undead)Shoot the Piano PlayerShore Leave
Short Wide ArmorSinging & Dancing SwordSleep Potion
SmartSmart (GBM Set)Smart (Zombies Set)
Smart (disambiguation)Software GlitchSole Survivor
Sole Survivor (Conan Set)Sole Survivor (Cthulhu Set)Sole Survivor (disambiguation)
Spandex ChainmailSpanishSparkler
Sparkly Good FairySpiky KneesSplice the Forecastle
StealthyStealthy (The Need for Steed Set)Stealthy (Zombies Set)
Stealthy (disambiguation)Stoned GolemStubbed Toe
Super MunchkinSwallow the LeaderSwing from the Rigging
Swiss Army PolearmThe Annual BathThe Dungeon Casino
The FleshreaperThe Old Mine ShaftThicker Ichor
Threaten to Switch SystemsTransferral PotionTrigger Volcano Beneath Enemy Town
Turanian HelmUltra VioletUmbrella
Umbrella (Impossible Set)Umbrella (Zombies Set)Umbrella (disambiguation)
UndeadUnderwear on the OutsideUndo Top Button
Unicorn SteedUnnecessary RoughnessUpload Shakycam Video
Vanity PlatesVisit the Blood BankVisit the Museum
Visited By Future SelfVoodoo ZombieWandering Monster
Warranty ExpiresWash the GM's CarWhat is Best in Life Leveling Up
Whine at the GMWight BrothersWishing Ring
WizardWork Out in Danger RoomWork to Get a Head
Wreck the TavernWrite Your Character's Life StoryXmas Lights
Yay DecayYee-HAWYothga
Yuetshi KnifeZombie BureaucratZombie Shark
File:Cover lg.jpgFile:Elf.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:Munchcard1.jpgFile:Munchkin box.jpg
File:Munchkin game cover.jpgFile:Wandering.jpgFile:Wandering monster.jpg

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